Growing up in second hand shops I've always appreciated a good hand me down. As I got older, one challenge I faced as a petite women is finding clothes to fit my body shape, this alone lead me to begin altering my garments at the age of 14. Birthing my love for up-cycling garments today. Throughout my beautiful journey of creating a brand for myself, I've gotten the opportunity to work on many of my crafts such as design, photography and graphics. I see Tryna b studios as much more than just a brand I am creating a unique life style for women by focusing on the importance of sustainability through women’s vintage and up-cycled clothing.⁣♻️

Thank you for making the conscious decision to support a small business, run by just me, and lessen the environmental impact that fast fashion has on Mother Earth by choosing to shop upcycled, vintage and ethically made designers.


Leslie Gomez